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FREE Report: ‘The Aussie Expat’s
Guide To Buying Australian Property’

How To Get The Funds You Need Quickly And Easily, While Avoiding Common Structuring and Tax Mistakes That Cost Many Expats A Fortune

If you’re an Australian expat and you’re considering purchasing property in Australia, you may not be aware that there are specialised finance, structuring and tax planning strategies that take into account the unique situation of expats.

Many of the rules and laws that apply to resident investors are different for expats, but until now, the right information for expats was not easy to find. That’s why we created this Free Report.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The “Golden Rule” of property financing that many expats only discover after the damage is done and the clock cannot be turned back.
  • The 5 specific pieces of information you need to clarify before you approach any bank or lender.
  • The 4 roadblocks that some lenders put up to make it more difficult for expats to gain fnance approval. Once you know what the roadblocks are, you can avoid them!
  • One simple tip for making record-keeping dead simple so you can easily claim any tax deductions.
  • Are you a self employed expat? Here’s one way to gain easy finance approval if you qualify.
  • Are you a first home buyer? Yes, you can qualify for the First Home Buyers Grant, if you meet these simple criteria.
  • How to correctly use an “offset account” to increase flexibility and maximise tax deductions.
  • One advanced strategy for buying your future home in Australia and paying it off much sooner!
  • How to make purchasing and financing Australian property as an expat as quick and easy as possible
  • And more…

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